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Hello, I'm Denise Sallos. I am going to fill this site with information about criminal attorney services. When my daughter caused an accident while driving while intoxicated, I knew she would need a good attorney to represent her in court. I sought out an attorney with a strong record of success in that realm. The process of hiring an attorney took a lot out of me since I had to teach myself about each step. I created this site to help people quickly learn about the process to hire a criminal attorney with considerably less effort. I hope you will find the information I share helpful for your situation. Thanks for coming by.

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Fight Your Drug Possession Charge By Hiring An Attorney

An arrest for drug possession could have serious consequences for your future. Depending on the type of drug and amount, you might be looking at incarceration. Hiring an attorney and fighting the charge could save you from a huge fine or jail time. Here are some things to know about a drug possession charge.

Invoke Your Right To Be Silent

Drug charges are serious matters so you don't want to say anything that gets you in further trouble. Ask for an attorney before you say anything to the police. Be polite, but firm, and don't say anything that could be used against you in court. Even a seemingly innocent comment could be twisted or taken out of context, so be careful about anything you say until you've had a chance to talk with an attorney.

Explain The Details To An Attorney

Once you or your family have hired a criminal drug possession lawyer, then you can explain what happened before and during the arrest. The attorney gathers all the evidence surrounding your case to look for an angle that will get your charges dropped or that can be used as a defense in court.

Determine A Defense Strategy

Just because you're caught with drugs, it doesn't mean your case is hopeless. Your attorney might get the charges reduced or dropped based on technicalities such as a procedural error or search violation. Drug laws vary by state with some states being harsher than others.

Your attorney may fight to prevent mandatory sentencing, or he or she may work to reduce the sentence imposed by a judge. Each case is unique and has contributing factors that affect how a defense is approached.

Subsequent Charges May Carry Heavier Penalties

Your first drug possession offense usually has a lighter penalty, and each after that has increasing jail time and fines. Your driving license could even be affected if your privileges are suspended because of drug possession.

Whether you're being charged for the first time or the second, you want an attorney to fight for you. A first charge might be your only crime and would create a criminal record that follows you for life. A second charge could land you in prison for a long time and completely disrupt your life.

Getting out of a drug possession charge may not be possible, but an attorney may work to get you the lightest sentence or eliminate prison time. From your perspective, your case may seem bleak, but an attorney such as one at The Mitchell Law Firm will look for weakness in the case so you have a chance at the best outcome.