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Hello, I'm Denise Sallos. I am going to fill this site with information about criminal attorney services. When my daughter caused an accident while driving while intoxicated, I knew she would need a good attorney to represent her in court. I sought out an attorney with a strong record of success in that realm. The process of hiring an attorney took a lot out of me since I had to teach myself about each step. I created this site to help people quickly learn about the process to hire a criminal attorney with considerably less effort. I hope you will find the information I share helpful for your situation. Thanks for coming by.

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How To Tell If You're Close To Bankruptcy

Knowing whether you might soon need to file for bankruptcy is important. How do you figure it out, though? A bankruptcy attorney will typically encourage potential filers to use this assessment.

Just Paying Interest

One of the strongest signs that you may soon face bankruptcy is that you're just paying the interest on your debt. Worse, you might only be paying the interest and still seeing the mountain grow.

On the upside, this is one of the big reasons why bankruptcy law exists. If you can't see the light at the end of the financial tunnel, then you should discuss your options with a bankruptcy lawyer. Depending on your circumstances, the court may be able to discharge part or even all of your outstanding debts.

Credit-Based Lifestyle

Credit is an incredibly useful financial tool. However, the ideal use of credit is for low-cost leverage to buy expensive assets like a house or car. If you're using credit to pay for your lifestyle, then there's a good chance you're heading for bankruptcy. You might even be using credit to pay for the basics in life, such as food and utilities.

If you're at the point where you're financing each month mostly with credit, then you might want to explore bankruptcy options. Even a minimal restructuring plan in Chapter 13 could make a big difference once you take interest payments out of the equation.

Aggressive Collection Efforts

Everybody gets notices from time to time because they forgot to pay something or didn't quite have enough money. However, it shouldn't be a constant drumbeat. If you're at the point where you're afraid to pick up the phone or check the mail for fear that you'll get another call or notice, then it's time to consult with a bankruptcy attorney.

Leaning on Friends and Family

Someone who has a strong enough support mechanism might lean on friends or family members for money. Once more, everybody does this at some point. If it's a constant thing, though, then you need to consider your options under bankruptcy law.

Selling Valuables

Liquidating assets to pay debts is a strong sign that bankruptcy is coming. Especially if you're at the point where you're at least thinking about selling big items like your car or house, take a moment to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer. In many cases, petitioners can keep their vehicle or house if they own it outright. Also, there are some Chapter 13 restructuring scenarios where you might be able to put those debts on a court-ordered payment plan. 

For more info, contact a local bankruptcy lawyer